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Plumber Romford, Charrington Court, Atlanta Boulevard, Romford, RM1 1TF


Plumber Romford Services

Blocked drain repair

Drains become blocked for a variety of reasons – grease form the washing up being just one cause.
We can find the block and we can also use our CCTV to see exactly what needs doing in the way of repair. Then we can make a trench-less repair – no big holes in your garden or driveway. And, if the drain lies within your property boundary – then you have to look after it.


Blocked toilet repair

When you toilet is blocked it can be hard to see round the bend and see just where the block is and what is causing it (toys are often the culprits). Plumber Romford services team have the necessary equipment to clear you block without pushing it into the main sewer pipes. All you need to do is to call us, and then relax, we’ll deal with it for you.


Local Plumber

Because we are your local plumber we can come quickly when you call. In emergencies we can arrive within an hour, ready to set to work. Our prices are very competitive, and we work hard to keep our excellent reputation in the local business community. After all, much of our work results from referrals from satisfied clients.


Leak Detection

Leaks show themselves in various guises. There is the waterfall in the living room, the constant drip in the bedroom or the irremovable patch of mould in the bathroom. Our emergency service will stop a major leak within 60 minutes, and no matter how well hidden your slow leak might be, our CCTV can see it – and we can repair it.



Other services


Shower repair service

Romford Plumbers can fit your new shower and do all the extra surrounding work like safety features, tiling and installing the shower basin. Also, we can also repair your old shower, if anyone can. Alternatively, we can improve your old shower, giving it a thorough clean to remove limescale and other debris, or changing the shower head.


Radiator Repair

When your radiators are cold in winter, then you  really notice them and you know it is time to call in an expert to get them radiating heat as they are meant to do. And there are many radiator designs and problems – but we at Romford Plumbers have met them all before and we can make you  home or office comfortably warm again.



Residential Plumbing

When you invite someone into your home you need to be confident that they are who they say they are. We at Romford plumbers carry ID cards and wear a uniform so you can trust us. And you can also trust us to do and honest job, charge a fair fee and do excellent work for you. we do rely for a lot of our new jobs upon satisfied customers telling their friends about us.


Heating Repairs

If your home or office feels cold in winter, then you need attention to your heating. For this reason, we at Romford plumbers are excellent in dealing with central heating. We install, repair and service it. And regular servicing can prevent that cold spell from making you uncomfortably chilly.


Main Features


There are lots of reasons why you should trust Plumber Romford services. Firstly, we value our good name in the community, and we want to keep our reputation for good, honest work, done to a high standard, with little fuss and fair fees.Our plumbers are local people in Romford. Word would soon get around the area if they were found to be dishonest or poor workmen. Therefore, you can trust services at Plumbing Romford Company to get excellent results for our work.

So, we hope we have answered the question “ Why you should trust Plumber Romford services ” but if you have any lingering doubts – why not give us a call or explore our web site further.