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Plumber Romford, Charrington Court, Atlanta Boulevard, Romford, RM1 1TF

About Us

About Romford Plumbers

Romford Plumbers is fortunate enough to employ a capable team of experienced technicians and engineers. If you are having difficulties with your central heating, or your shower isn’t working properly then you could seek out some expert advice from us. But if you have a plumbing emergency – a severe leak or a noisy boiler – then call us now. And we will send out one of our experienced team members to you promptly, as an urgent call out.

There are advantages when you call out a local team in Romford. Apart from the fact that we know the area, and we know of any local plumbing issues, we can reach you quickly as we do not have far to travel, and we are aware of any local traffic holdups. So, trust Romford Plumbers services and get in touch with our local plumbers.

Why You Should Trust Romford Plumbers


Most Importantly….

One of the most important things you can do to keep your plumbing system running smoothly for years is to schedule regular maintenance checks. This saves you money, time and can also be your contribution to the global economy, by ensuring that your system is as economic and efficient as possible.

Our services at Romford Plumbing Company are comprehensive, affordable and we aim to give great customer satisfaction – always.

Our Plumbers

Apart from being local people, our plumbers are well trained to a high standard. This means they are able to complete even complex tasks effectively. The most important about Romford Plumbers is that, they keep up their skills and knowledge when they take further training and also when they discuss issues within the team. The younger members of our team learn from the experience of the older members, and you benefit by getting great service.

The Plumbing Industry

The plumbing industry is constantly expanding. It takes on exciting new technologies, and our plumbers have to learn the new techniques, and apply them when on the job. In fact, plumbing can throw up tricky problems, and our team train to find the best solutions. This makes the work both challenging and satisfying. Therefore, their enthusiasm leads the plumbers to enjoy their work, and this makes a good atmosphere for them – and for you. It is easier to trust a friendly local face than a glum-faced stranger!

Our Equipment

You may have seen our vans around the area. Our drivers look after them, we need them to be reliable and you need to be able to trust about Romford Plumbers to arrive when we say we will. At Romford Plumbers, we have modern equipment for modern technology – so we look after the tools of our trade, and make sure we keep them in good condition.

Our Team

Owner / Operations – Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison is the owner and operations manager in Local Plumbing Company Romford. He is based in Romford. Tim started his business 10 years ago with 3 employees. So, today it is one of the leading plumbing businesses in Romford. Especially, his dedication and his talents are the reasons for his success. Also he maintains a friendly relationship, both with his staff and with customers. So, customer satisfaction is priority, according to Tim.

Chief Plumbing Inspector – Collin Edwards

Collin Edwards is the plumbing inspector in Plumbing Romford Company. As plumbing inspector, he ensures that the plumbing job is done in a proper manner. Colin is well qualified for the job. In fact, he has both theoretical and practical knowledge. And he keeps up to date with plumbing methods and plumbing equipment. Because of this, together with his experience and skills, he succeeds as our professional plumbing inspector. Additionally, he behaves in a friendly manner with customers and staff alike.

Customer Representative – Mike Stane

Mike is your first contact with Local Plumbing Romford Company. He is our customer representative. Mike will direct customers to the right person they need for the job. Naturally, Mike is a friendly person, so his job is not too difficult for him. He respects and gives priority to customers. Mike has been with us for more than 4 years. So, he has a good knowledge about plumbing matters as well. For this reason, Mike can answer any questions clearly.

General Plumbing Specialist – David McCoist

David is plumbing specialist at our Plumbing Company Romford. He has sound knowledge about the entire plumbing industry. Whether we find a blocked toiler or you need a shower repair, he knows how to do it properly. David expects good quality work and a quick response from his team. In addition, Plumber Romford's team arrive on time. He not only supervises others’ work, but he is able to do the job himself if necessary. It’s a pleasure to work with David as plumbing specialist.

Greetings! It's your Local Plumber at your service. We offer boiler, drainage, and general plumbing solutions in London. So how may we serve you today?