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Radiator Repair Romford

It’s when the cold weather comes that you may realise that your radiators are not working very well. They may not heat up at all, or they may only give off a feeble heat. Your local plumber from the Radiator repair Romford services will put them right.

The Size of the Problem

There are many things that can go wrong – and many different types of radiator and heating systems, so you really need an expert to sort it out for you. Our plumbers have the skills and knowledge to fix the problem.
If the radiator system is fixable then that is what we do. However, if you need a new radiator then we can advise you as to your best options after a visit to your home or office. Then our professional installation team can fit the new radiator and associated plumbing for you – no mess and no fuss.

When You Need to Call Us

  • Cold and tepid radiators even when the boiler is working
  • Signs of a possible leak
  • Rust anywhere on the system
  • Strange noises from the pipes and radiators
  • You want new radiators

Some Common Problems

Air is trapped inside the radiator. Releasing the air by means of bleeding the radiator will usually resolve the problem. And if you have a radiator key you might do that yourself. The thermostatic radiator valve needs adjusting. This valve is that knob you turn to control how hot the radiator gets, and it may have been set wrong. And then there is the main thermostat control settings. This is where you should be able to decide when and how much heat you get.

Our engineers can adjust the settings, balancing the radiators, so that you have a comfortable heat throughout your house even in the coldest weather. When correctly set, you can also cut down the cost of running them. Another problem can be the build-up of rust and sludge inside the radiator system. Our power flushing will clear the system, improve the efficiency and reduce your fuel costs.

The Radiator Repair Romford Team

So, if your radiators are not working properly, give us a call at radiator repair Romford, before you feel too cold. Browse this website and find a comprehensive range of radiators from the leading brands that will suit to complete your plumbing process.


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