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Why Choose Plumber Romford?

What are the advantages of a local plumber? Does it matter whether your plumber is local or a relative stranger to the area?

We are a local group. Our charges are very reasonable. Customers are our priority and we give excellent service.

At Plumber Romford, we think there are definite advantages of a local plumber, 

  1. Fast response
  2. Local knowledge
  3. Customer relations
  4. Fair fees

A Fast Response From Plumber Romford

Naturally, if we are close we can get to you faster. This might be crucial if you have a major emergency like a fountain in your living room or a rumbling boiler. In these circumstances we should be at your premises and working on your problem in less than the hour.
Because we are local, we know the roads, we know the shortcuts, and the times and places of likely holdups. We can get to your job on time every time. You won’t hear any excuses like the driver lost the way lost, or road works or traffic held him up.

Local Knowledge

Having local knowledge is useful in other ways apart from the travelling. Romford is an area of hard water, so we have special expertise in dealing with limescale, which builds up in shower heads and taps.
We also know of any bylaws which might affect you, and we can advise you who to contact should you find there are issues affecting drains and boundaries.

Unique to Plumber Romford, our local plumbing service has the skills and abilities to solve any plumbing problem you may have, we work for industry as well as for the home, so our services are varied and we have a wealth of experience at our finger tips.

Each member of the Romford team is qualified, certified and registered. We  also have gas-safe plumbers ready to repair your boiler as well as deal with all the plumbing. Our tools are modern and we employ the latest technology to give you the best possible results.

There is great deal of variety in our work. One day we may repair a dripping tap and bleed a few radiators but the next day you can see us fitting a new bathroom with all the pipe work and accessories that entails.

Customer Relations

We value our customers and aim to satisfy you and more. After we have has been completed  the job we call you to check that everything is as it should be. And the fees we quote are the fees you pay – no extras at the end.

Customers are our priority. Your safety and satisfaction are our reason for being plumbers. We feel that plumbing is an essential service, it is not a luxury – although some of the fittings we can supply and install are certainly in the luxury class.
Plumbing can deal with complex systems and challenging problems. We are trained to solve your plumbing issues and to give an excellent quality of work. And we enjoy our profession – plumbing is interesting and varied. So, you will find us cheerful and friendly, which is a bonus for you.

Fair Fees

We offer low fees for high quality work. Our rates are extremely competitive. We have worked hard to reduce your costs where possible but without sacrificing the quality of our work. One example is that we do not need to charge you for travel expenses as we are  local company and  so travel is minimal.

Don’t you hate it when you pay a bill and there, right at end, are extra costs you were not warned about? We never do that! Our fees are open and clear, we charge by the hour, so our fees are fair – and when possible, we pass on any reduced costs to our customers, which makes our fees very competitive. In addition, our small travel costs mean less for you to pay.

So, you see, there are advantages of a local plumber. We can satisfy all your plumbing needs for a competitive price but with excellent workmanship, and a fast response.

Excellent Service

The excellence of our services relies upon our excellent plumbers. Not satisfied with merely completing the job, Plumber Romford plumbers try to go that little bit further – free advice or a small extra job which may take only a few minutes for our skilled plumbers, but which might take hours for the amateur. Regardless, a professional finish to all our work is mandatory.

So, why not check us out and find out how unique we are?

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