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Romford Health Support Groups and Networks

If you are suffering with a health condition in the Havering area, these Romford health support groups and networks will put you in touch with others who have the same condition. You can get practical and emotional support from other sufferers, and from trained counsellors or medical professionals. Romford is home to a large number of health support groups. Patients and their family members can get valuable help and information from these groups.

Benefits of Health Support Groups

Joining a support group has lots of great benefits for patients. These include:

  • Meeting new friends
  • Gaining better understanding of a health condition
  • Learning new treatment techniques
  • Finding emotional support
  • Getting access to a wider range of health services

Romford health support groups provide help at every stage of a condition. From a new diagnosis to a long term condition, reaching out for support can improve your ability to manage the condition.

List of Romford Health Support Groups

Below are some of the groups and services providing health support to Romford and the wider Havering area.

The Havering Hearties

Cardiac Support

The Havering Hearties, also known as the Havering and District Support Group, supports Romford residents with heart disease. The self-help group meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings start at 7:30pm and are held at the Royal British Legion club on Western Road in Romford. There are no membership fees, any anyone with a heart condition is welcome to join. Like other Romford health support groups, the Havering Hearties also open their doors to families and carers of heart patients.

You can call to register for the monthly newsletter, or for more information, on 01708 472 697


Disability Support Service

The Havering Association for People With Disabilities is open to all Romford residents who have a physical or mental disability, plus all those who care for somebody with a disability. H.A.D. provides activity and art workshops, stress management classes, coffee mornings, exercise sessions and befriending services. From computer classes to camera club, there is a service to suit everybody. The building, Whittaker Hall, is wheelchair accessible and has a hearing induction loop for hearing aid users.

For more information on H.A.D. you can call 01708 476 554

They also have a website: www.hadhavering.co.uk

Havering Telecare Centre

24/7 Incident Response

The Telecare Service by Havering Council is available free for anyone who qualifies for social care. Many people with disabilities are eligible. In the event of an incident such as a medical emergency, the patient can push their emergency button so that an instant connection with the call centre is made. Carers can also be deployed so they can check on the patient. The centre can speak to the patient directly, and also access the emergency services or call a relative. Other devices are also available including medication alarms, fire detectors and smart locks.

For more information, call the Havering Telecare Service on 01708 756 645

 The Brain Tumour Charity – Romford

Brain Tumour Support

The Romford branch of the national Brain Tumour Charity holds a monthly support service for patients and their loved ones. The venue is the The Salvation Army Centre on Romford High Street, and the meeting takes place between 1pm and 3pm. The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month. A nurse leads the support sessions and therefore practical medical support is available.

More information is available online via the national Brain Tumour Charity website.

Havering Positive Future

Mental Health Support

With their office located in Hornchurch, Havering Mind offers a range of services; from Crisis Counselling, implementing Social Inclusion projects to Fundraising and offering awareness campaigns on areas such as Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid etc. The organisation is very focused on supporting anyone who requires mental health support and they work with reputed partners who also uphold the same level of high standards.

For more information, call them on 01708 457040.

Your Local Health Support Services in Romford

There are plenty of other Romford health support groups in addition to these. Romford Plumber has created this guide especially for the health services of Romford. There are many Romford residents living with a disability or health condition, and therefore could benefit from Romford health support services. While we have located some of the best known support groups locally, there are plenty more. Check your local health clinic or hospital for more information, and also your nearest community centre or club.

Get support so you can manage your health condition and help yourself to feel better. Find more information about Romford local health services on our website and blog today.

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