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Plumber Romford, Charrington Court, Atlanta Boulevard, Romford, RM1 1TF

Shower Repair Romford

We are based locally and our work is mainly in and near Romford. We give a comprehensive service, from an initial installation to repairing the older units. Local Plumbing Romford Company work for homes, offices and commercial premises such as gymnasiums and saunas. Major installations or minor repairs – we cover all of them.

 What Makes for a Pleasant Shower?

  • The right temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Enough pressure
  • Pleasant surrounds
  • Reasonable cost

We want all of these for an enjoyable experience. Maybe you have another wish? If anything on the list is missing, call the Shower Repair Romford team to give you pleasant showering experiences.

Types of Shower Repair Work We Do

  • Mixer units
  • Power showers
  • Digital showers
  • Thermostatic showers
  • Electric showers

They all produce their own set of problems – which is why plumbing is such a fascinating career! But one of the commonest cause for a faulty shower is limescale. In an area where the suppliers supply hard water then limescale builds up and causes internal blocks, shower heads leak and pipes block. Especially, Romford is an area of medium hard water.

Shower Repair Romford Team

Experienced, friendly and skilled describes our plumbers. Indeed, we encourage them to stay up to date and take extra training regularly. Because the find plumbing interesting, they enjoy the education and discuss what they learn with other team members. Additionally, we always make sure there is and experienced person within the team, because we demand a high standard of work from our staff. Also, we make sure they have the latest tools to assist them.

Safety For Everyone

You can only enjoy our shower if you feel secure – and floors may be slippery, ledges may be high and especially, if you are frail, you may find taking a shower an ordeal. But we can help. When Shower Repair Romford install a non-slip floor and when we put in sturdy grab rails, many more people can enjoy a stress free shower. So, if you want the most pleasant shower experience get in touch with the Shower Repairs Romford team to discuss your options.

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